The Dancing Brain
Dance movement therapy and it's Contributions to Neurocognitive health

In 2021 the EADMT symposium will be hosted in the Netherlands on October 2 and 3. It will take place in Maastricht, which is in the South of the Netherlands. Due to the C-19 regulations, it will be a 'hybrid' symposium; parts will take place with live participants and will be streamed online, parts will be purely online.

The festival 'Dutch Dance Days' (Nederlandse dansdagen) will play a big part in hosting the symposium and General Assembly. This is a big step in the acknowledgment of dance movement therapy in the Netherlands on the side of "dance".

Keynote speakers: 

Dr. Beatrice Allegranti, Italian-Irish award winning choreographer, dance movement psychotherapist: "Moving Kinship: An introduction to the approach (Part 1)"

Prof. Dr. Hedda Lausberg, Dance therapist, Full Professor of Neurology, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Psychiatry at the German Sport University Cologne.

and Prof. Dr. Susan van Hooren, Extraordinary Professor and Lecturer in Arts Therapies.


Workshops/ presentations:

Beatrice Allegranti: Moving Kinship: Developing short embodied performances (Part 2)

Hedda Lausberg: BAsT-system, Movement Analysis Scales & Test (Lausberg 1997). A diagnostic tool for the analysis of movement behavior, specifically those movement features which reflect an individual’s body image.

Astrid Struijk & Katharina Conradi: Total body integration through Bartenieff Fundamentals as a tool in recovery from motor impairments caused by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Regina Magnus & Inge Oosterveld: Movement profile and Dance therapeutic interventions with clients with Korsakov Syndrome

Marie-Louise Gilcher & Regina Magnus: How the perception and experience of 'space' differs in clients with Dementia, Korsakov Syndrome and Acquired Brain Injury.


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